Houser Select Benefits Partners | User Guide

When joining the Houser Employee Benefits Program your company joins a network of businesses offering exclusive discounts to their employees on product(s) and/or service(s) throughout its growing database of members across the country.
If you already have an account feel free to Login Here.
Once logged in you will be re-directed to the Dashboard.
If you do not have an account but would like to register for the program you can Apply Here.


The dashboard is where you will be able to manage everything about your Houser Select Benefits Offers.

Manage Offers

The Manage Offers tab will show all published and expired offers. Here you will be able to Edit, View And Delete any offers.

Account Details

In the Account Details tab you will be able to review your member application information as well as the following:

  • Upload Media Assets (Logos/Banners Etc)

  • Upload A New CSV File For Houser To Send Account Invitations

  • View Your Sales Benefits Rep Contact Information

Submit An Offer

When submitting an offer it is important to understand the two types of offers:

Friends And Family: These Offers Can Be Discounts On Products/Services

Employee Benefits: These Offers Are Meant To Be Deeper Discounted Products/Services

Submitting An Offer

Submitting An Offer Is The Same Process For Each Offer Type

Within the Offer Details page is where you will be able to add all your offer information.

Offer Fields To Fill Out:
*Any optional fields left blank will not show on the offer page

  • Offer Title: Title Of Your Offer That Appears At The Top Of The Page
  • Description: Detailed Description Of Your Offer That Appears Directly Below The Featured Image
  • Offer Highlights: List Any Highlights About Your Offer
  • More Info: Any Additional Information You’d Like To Add To Your Offer:
  • Email Address: Business Email Address
  • Support Email Address: Support Email Address For Your Offer
  • Phone Number: Business Phone Number You Can Be Reached At
  • Website: Website You’d Like To Highlight
  • Video: This Can Be A YouTube Or Vimeo Link. Just Copy/Paste The Link URL And It Will Be Embedded Automatically
  • Social Media Profiles: Any Social Media Profiles You’d Like To Highlight
  • Offer Category: Add Your Offer To Any Applicable Categories
  • Offer Regions: Add Your Offer To Any Applicable Locations
  • Hours Of Operation: Add Your Hours Of Operation Which Will Be Displayed In The Sidebar
  • Featured Image: This Is The Image At The Top Of The Page That Must Be 1080 X 675
    Download A Houser Featured Image Template Here.
  • Gallery Image: Add Any Additional Images You’d Like To Highlight That Appear In The Rotating Image Carousel
  • Zipcode: Zipcode For Your Location
  • Location: Location Address Used To Help Members Browse Offers On Our Interactive Map
  • Offer Terms And Conditions: Add Any Terms And Conditions That May Apply
  • Offer Redemption Link: Link For Our Members To Redeem Their Offer
  • Offer Redemption Instructions: Any Applicable Redemption Instructions
  • Disclaimer: Any Disclaimer Information If Applicable

Thats it! Once your offer has been submitted it will be reviewed by Houser and once it goes live you’ll receive an email.

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